About Us

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Our history: The ministry was founded by Pastor Maria Miosotis Taveras in 2002, and was originally located in The Bronx, NY.

Our mission: Healing, restoring and equipping the people who would come to God through Jesus – the Bride of Christ.

Our vision: Help people fulfill their God-given dreams and destinies through the power of the Holy Spirit!

Our gatherings include leadership classes, community outreaches, youth group and Sunday fellowship. Come join us!

Our Core Beliefs

  • We believe in the Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son who is Christ Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe the Bible is infallible and God-breathed. 
  • We believe every soul means so much to God and all are desired to come into the Kingdom of God through salvation in Christ Jesus. 
  • We believe God is doing something at this time to ready His Bride and be prepared for the Glory that awaits. Be blessed and be encouraged. 


Juan and Maria

Maria Miosotis and Juan Taveras, Founders and Senior Pastors, The Fulfillment Center Restoring Through Christ International Ministries

Founded by Maria Miosotis and Juan in 2002, The Fulfillment Center Restoring Through Christ International Ministries (Formerly MOP NYC), is a healing, restoring and equipping ministry. Maria Miosotis has been called with a powerful apostolic and prophetic mantle, bringing the message of God with boldness and courage to the Body of Christ. The ministry became a bridge with Mantle of Power Ministries (Paulette Polo Ministries) in 2012 until 2016. Maria Miosotis is a member of Women in Ministry Network under Patricia King Ministries and a member of the National Association of Christian Ministers, among other well-seasoned groups. Maria Miosotis and Juan seek the Lord’s face and follow His commands in advancing His Kingdom here on earth, planting churches and volunteering their time in various communities in NY, NJ and VA. They go around sharing the love of God, working with the homeless, drug addicts and less fortunate individuals and families in those communities. They also work in the Dominican Republic, where they are planting a new church. Maria Miosotis and her husband Juan have a passion to see others restored and launched into their Kingdom destinies.






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