Couples Night Celebration 2015

Juan and I would like to thank each and everyone who attended the Couples Night Celebration this past Saturday, July 18. This event touched our lives in ways that I have no words to express. I also want to thank our awesome team for such an excellent job, before and during the event. Our special thanks to Ada, Josefina Cruz, Wendy Carson, Jorge Colon, Argentina Nunez, Fior Lora, Yan Carlos Reyes and many others that in one way or the other helped in the execution of such a great night. This event wouldn’t have been the success that it was if it wouldn’t be because of the unity that reigned between all of us. I know the Lord is proud and pleased with our work.

Juan y Maria Miosotis Taveras

Haga clic aqui para espanol


PS. Check out some of the Couple’s Night photos below!

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