New Beginnings


Celebration – Sunday, March 1, 2015


I am doing a NEW thing; NOW it springs forth. Do you not see it? Isaiah 43:19

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Pastor Juan and I want to thank everyone who attended the Consecration and Dedication of our home as the Temple of the Holy One, The Secret Place/The Resting Place. Special thanks to my mom, Tata, to our kids, grandkids and everyone in our family, to our brothers and sisters in the faith and our friends, for your support.

Also, it is with a thankful heart that we distinguish the hard work of our amazing team, Jose and Lyz Rivera, Bob and Rosie LaBril, Roberto and Barbara Castillo, Sandra Quiñones, Hector and Ivette Miranda, Julia McHale and Jorge Colon. This could have not happened if it wouldn’t be for your unconditional help and such an amazing team effort. You are a great blessing in our lives. We love and appreciate each and every one of you dearly.

Below are some of the pictures of our New Beginnings Celebration.

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