Youth and Kids

Youth Group

Good times. Serious Fun.

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Youth Group (ages 13-18)

Jose and YouthWe make sure to have time to hang out together, but we are also serious about learning more about God.  We don’t just talk about God, we make the time to meet with Him face to face. We offer Truth from the Word of God, and then we practice what we preach. We offer opportunities to share God’s love with our community, too!

Why not check it out for yourself? We would love to see you!

The Jesus Club (ages 5-12)

Rosie and the Jesus ClubJesus established his ministry with 12 followers, so He had His own club!  He trained His followers in kingdom principles, like prayer and obedience to God. With Jesus as our model, we train kids in kingdom principles, and help them to get to know Jesus for themselves.

Some of the fun stuff we do:

  • Activation in ministry – kids get to pray for others and can participate in worship dance and community outreaches
  • Teaching through movement- including dancing and sign language
  • Kid’s night- Movies, popcorn and fun just for kids, usually on a Friday night

Please contact us if you have questions – (201) 921-3827

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