Leadership Classes

Leadership Class Worship

Healing, Restoring and Equipping happens right here!

Life-changing. Powerful. Freedom of Expression. Just a few words we would use to describe our Leadership classes.

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These classes start with live worship in the presence of the Lord, along with prayer for those who need healing and restoring. Then, we equip through practical teaching based on revelation from the Word of God- showing people the love of God and sharing the life-changing truth of Scripture. We leave room for the Holy Spirit to guide us, so each week is truly unique.

During the summer, the leadership classes take to the streets! We offer hands-on learning through community outreach. We take risks because that is the best way to learn! This is the opportunity to practice what was taught, show love to our community through simple things like giving away water, and then sharing spiritual truth!  We share JESUS with our community!

Contact us if you have questions – (201) 921-3827.




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